The Biography

Myrath quintet is producing Blazing Desert Metal since 2007.

The band is bringing together progressive influences and catchy hooks.

After the success of the last album « Shehili » Myrath played the world, headlining festivals such as Sweden Rock or playing Wacken bringing on stage real magic with dancers, magicians, and fire eaters.

Shehili, goes high above every expectation. Innovative, yet loyal to MYRATH’s trademarks, this fifth album dares to establish contrasts between uplifting melodies and well-thought, heart-breaking lyrics. The best example of this duality can probably be found in the first single “Dance” (illustrated by a mind-blowing video, a sequel to the one that was filmed for “Believer”, the band’s biggest hit so far), which tells the story of “a Syrian dancer who faced death threats from Isis but chose to keep on dancing, even if it meant dancing through ruins and tombs”.


The Myrath live show is an unforgettable experience.
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